Mid-Year Review

Yes, whether you believe it or not, we are half way through 2016. This year seems to have flown by leaving me feeling slightly disoriented and playing catch-up.

I was adamant that this would be a ‘do year’ for me. I don’t exactly know why 2016 felt so important, maybe it was just the realisation that I was four years away from thirty or maybe the novelty of owning my first flat was starting to wear off, replaced instead by an uncomfortable notion of ‘this is it – you’re all grown up’.

Whatever the reason, I spent most of January making lists upon lists of ‘life strategies’ that would help me reach my goals and fast-track my development, both professional and personal. Now all of a sudden it’s July and I suddenly have that panicked feeling of time running out; of Christmas just around the corner and a whole new batch of New Year’s resolutions waiting to be written.

This is around the time that I stop, breath and do my ‘mid-year review’, just to remind myself that I am only halfway through and to focus on how much I have already achieved. So here goes:

  • Start a blog

Done! Though I have to admit, to all those seasoned bloggers out there, well done! It is far harder than I thought to stay organised and keep the ideas flowing… I am loving every minute of it though, so if any of you talented people would like to do a guest post or challenge me to write about a certain topic, please email me.

  • Pass my driving test

In progress… Although I may seem like a fully functioning adult with the job, flat and even the puppy, public transport and borrowed lifts are my still main means of getting around *hangs head in shame*. That is all due to change this summer though, when finally (hopefully) I will pass the dreaded test – fingers crossed!

  • Work towards the Chartered Institute Of Marketing Professional Diploma

Started! This has been a long running goal of mine ever since I started working in marketing; professional qualifications are key to standing out from the crowd especially if you are trying to leverage your career and make that difficult leap from executive to manager – so I am incredibly excited to be getting my teeth stuck into this course. Visit CIM for more info.

  • Travel

Failing… Unfortunately my mission to get a bit more R&R this year has failed miserably, apart from one week in paradise, my weeks and weekends have mainly consisted of work, study, life admin and enjoying the beautiful Surrey countryside with our new pup Ralph. Still striving for that idealised work/life balance…

  • Write a book

Shelved. With all the above going on I thought it best to revisit this goal at a later date. Maybe one day I will find the time and the patience to put all my half formed ideas and stories down on paper.

I think that’s basically two and a half out of five, which for half way through the year isn’t too bad. Whilst I am doing this, it is also good to acknowledge the things I have managed to do that I didn’t originally plan for. I am incredibly proud to have joined the amazing women of the Discovery Women’s Network, working on promoting gender parity within Discovery, and I have become a mentor to a flourishing young woman on the Queens Young Leaders Programme, helping her to break into marketing and communications in the media industry.

So, whilst it is fantastic to have goals that keep you on the straight and narrow – remember to not let them consume you. So many fantastic opportunities come our way that we too often overlook because we are too blinkered to our chosen path. In fact some of the most rewarding things I have done, I did not actually set out to do and, whilst I do get an enormous sense of achievement in completing a long held goal, sometimes you need to learn to throw away the rule book and go with flow.

After all, life is about the journey not the destination.


I love being inspired by other people’s goals, what are yours?